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We provide OEM/ODM facility in this industry. We are glad to announce that our soybean farm and GMP based factory allows us to grow quality soybean for our products. Our company remarkably exports Plasmalogen S Hard Capsules and Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract in South Korea, Middle East, Singapore, China, Russia, Malaysia and U.S.A. 

Our Greetings

We greet our every end user with immense love and care by providing dependable solutions for their overall body health. The urge to offer the best is existing in our company since the business formation years ago, when we started manufacturing as well as supplying healthy yogurt. 

Mr. Kakutaro Masagaki did research on lactic acid bacteria years ago in 1914. As a doctor, he was involved in serving the best for health and for the same commenced business hoping to solve health based problems of several people. His ambition got passed to his second generation, Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki. Today, existing generations of our business are carrying forward his legacy of researching deeply and bringing out the best for end users in the industry.

After the war in 1945, the formation of lactic acid bacteria fermented filtrate, came into being. We made massive improvements from time to time in Milk Medium to Soy Milk Medium. The quality modification of live bacteria to filter liquid and milk to soy milk, became strong foundation for Lactic Acid Bacterium Producing Extract. This has immensely contrasting dimension from yogurt pertaining to way of thinking and materials. This said extract was sourced solely from effective amount of aged and fermented. There was no strictly no soymilk component in the medium or sugar, which is a nutrient for lactic acid bacteria. This came out as a secretion and bacterial substance of lactic acid bacteria.

Owing to analysis using upgraded technology, it was found out that it carried around 4000 to 7000 trace components. These were proven to render positive effect on almost all living organisms. But sadly current technology failed to recognize such micro-nutrients. Hence, our company since this period of time has been making tremendous efforts to control stability of this product by involving updated technology. We strongly believe that our researchers have immense potential to obtain phenomenal results. With the support of Lactic Acid Bacteria Producing Extract, our organization has been tirelessly working for improvement of health of all people. Our products such as Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract and others are super beneficial for people of all ages. 

Corporate Philosophy

We are wholly focusing on ensuring good health for people of all age groups. Our organization is involved in lactic acid bacteria preparations. Additionally, we have began production of scallop-derived-plasmalogen. With this, our company is marching towards benefiting well-being and health of people. 

Ingredients Information

Processing Lactic Acid Bacteria Production Extract

We are involved in processing lactic acid bacterium-producing extract, which is considered as fermented lactic acid bacterium extract acquired from patented production method. This method is a supreme extraction process boasting for co-cultivation of 16 species that were excellently completed from years based remarkable research on lactic acid bacteria. 

Lactic acid bacterium-producing extract is a widely known functional material recognized as Biogenics, which comes across as a new field in lactic acid bacterial material. It differs from probiotics and prebiotics. Our extract is processed in our own factory, which is near to our farm, wherein soybean grows. We at our company, have acquired Health Supplement GMP Conformity Certification for superior quality control as well as safety. 

Processing Scallop-Derived Plasmalogen

Plasmalogen belongs to a family of lipids that are highly essential for body. This serves as an imperative components that protects biological membrane, which is useful for supporting life based activities from oxidation to cell function maintenance. Scallop-Derived Plasmalogen are known to be majorly composed of polyunsaturated fats like EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). 

We at our company, are putting solid efforts to support health industry and bring forward the most deeply researched and advantageous solutions like Plasmalogen S Hard Capsules and Lactic Acid Bacteria Fermented Extract for our customers such as medical institutions, pharmacies, health food shops and many others.

R & D Manufacturing 

We are involved in research and development with the support of Hachioji Research and Development Center. Our company is conforming to modern researches centering on scallop-derived-plasmalogen and lactobacillus soymilk fermentation extract. We assure about delivering safe and reliable products under the name of science of health as well as science of nature. 

Our research system is based on 

  • Product Development Research
  • Manufacturing Technology Research
  • Quality Science Research
  • Health Science Research
  • Natural Science Research

At our company, we make soymilk using soybeans that are impressively processed on our farm and thus, ferment it with pure lactic acid bacteria to produce raw material for lactobacillus soymilk fermentation extract. We also excellently deliver scallops from Aomori and Hokkaido prefectures and appropriately source plasmalogen, which is recognized as an active ingredient in this industry.

Our farm, Fuji Factory and Hachioji factory works in a synchronized manner to provide exceptional products in the marketplace.

Our R & D center is supported by an excellent logistic. Our warehouse space is 330 m. sq. and the height is 7.5m. We safely maintain products as well as packaging materials at our Fuji Factory. Our staff carefully pack all orders. Our r & d center manages below functions: 

  • Raw material manufacturing area
  • R & D area
  • Logistic/Delivery area

Fuji Factory

Our factory is based in Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka Prefecture, at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which is considered as the highest peak in Japan. In the factory, we assure to process our scallop-derived plasmalogen and lactobacillus soymilk fermentation extract into supreme quality final products. 

Quality Management

We have obtained GMP certification from renowned Japan Health and Nutritious Food Association. Our organization works in compliance with following:

  • ISO
  • QMS


At our farm, our organization carries out processing of soymilk, which is medium for lactic acid bacteria without any kind of fertilizers or pesticides usage. 

Our History




Mr. Kakutaro Masagaki was immensely impressed and inspired by Mary Metchnikoff theory of longevity. He started first by applying lactic acid theory on his own body. He realized benefits of this theory in healing his gastrointestinal illness and thus began research in this field.


Commenced manufacturing and selling yogurt in Japan for the first time.


  • Formed four types of lactic acid bacteria co-cultivation processes.
  • Developed Erie. Co. Ltd.
  • Joint Research with Kyoto University.
  • Indulged in innovative advertising and promotion.


The eldest son of Mr. Kakutaro, Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki developed co-cultivation method for 8 types of lactic acid bacteria and launches it as Sokin L.


  • Mr. Kakutaro died at the age of 63 in this year.
  • Formed Sokin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.
  • Began joint research with Army Military Medical School.


  • Sokin Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd., witnessed dissolution because of the World War II
  • Formed symbiotic culture process for 16 types of lactic acid bacteria.


In this year, progress was made from lactic acid bacteria to supreme effectiveness of lactic acid bacteria secretions. These were announced and excellently performed on diets to assure about perfect results.


Created Aji No Chie, which was a fermented filtrate for lactic acid bacteria.


The introduced fermented filtrate offered as a latest preservative for freshness in foods.


Lactic acid bacteria fermentation filtrate got introduced as a highly useful solution for soil improvement and pesticide-free farming. It is today getting sold as Excel G.


Founded a method to carefully extract active ingredient from lactic acid bacteria fermentation filtrate.


  • Introduced Chitsu, a lactic acid bacterium-producing extract. It was named after Buddhist Scripture. This is sold across markets as health based food item. Mr. Kazuyoshi Masagaki created Physical Science Life Study Group Co., Ltd., (Presently B&S Corporation) with nephews Mr. Masakatsu Fukui and Mr. Masakazu Fukui.
  • Mr. Kazuyoshi became the first president.


  • Mr. Kazuyoshi died at the age of 84.
  • Mr. Masakazu got selected as the second president.


  • Commenced doing clinical research on lactobacillus soymilk fermentation extract.
  • Established farm for pesticide-free soybeans in Fujinomiya City.


  • Developed a new factory at Fujinomiya City
  • Published Oncology Report in Greece.


Alvex, was launched as a supplement for medical institutions that creates lactic acid bacteria.


  • Company name got changed to B&S Corporation
  • Introduced Ractis, which is a drinkable lactic acid bacterium-producing extract.
  • Mr. Masakatsu Fukui got chosen as the third president.


Published Immunology Letter in European magazine.


Attained GMP conformity certification.


Completed 100 years as the first yogurt manufacturing and selling organization in Japan.


  • Began production of scallop-derived plasmalogen.
  • Mr. Kazumi Nagaishi got selected as the fourth president.


Fukuoka sales offices got started.


  • Opened Shizuoka sales office
  • Started Hachioji R&D Center
  • Our lactic acid bacterium-producing extract got acknowledged as the highly chosen one for ten consecutive years.

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